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Individual Therapy

My orientation to therapy can best be described as Connectional, Contextual, and Creative. I like to look at the "big picture" without ignoring critical details and see how seemingly unrelated facts, stories and theories can connect together in creative, meaningful ways. I see therapy as a collaborative art-form rooted in contextual behavioral science. 


Connectional: Relationship is Key to Wellness

In psychotherapy, there are those who believe that "relationships" are key  to the therapeutic process. I agree. I believe that we are part of an interconnected web of relationships. And so our sessions become a microcosm of this interconnected world in which we all live. Through the therapist and client relationship, you can test out your thoughts and express your emotions and receive support and valuable feedback which you can take back into the world.  

Contextual: Skills and Tiny Steps 

As the relationship grows and issues emerge, I selectively use "evidence-based" (or scientifically supported) approaches to help my clients cope with specific concerns. Depending on the problem,  these might involve learning a specific set of skills such as mindfulness and breathing techniques to cope with anxiety, monitoring and recording one's thoughts on the weekly mood log, or taking some "bold risks" such as asking someone out on a date.  Among the many evidence-based therapies out there such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavioral Activation, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, my favorite is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).​

Creative: You are a Masterpiece

Ultimately, I believe that the ultimate source of healing lies within you. You have a creative spark deep inside your mind that is waiting to be awakened and cultivated. 

Individual therapy
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